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Surin Thailand Hotels

Surin City
clear picture Despite its long historical background. There is so far no precise evidence to prove the origin of Surin Province. It has only been narrated for generations that Surin was built some 2,000 years ago when the ancient Khmer dominated the region. Surin was abandoned after the incline of the Khmer Kingdom. Later in 1763, a village at Ban Muang Thi was moved to Ban Khu Prathai where Surin is presently situated. The village was consequently upgraded to be ' Muang Prathai Saman' and its leader, Luang Surin Phakdi, appointed Phra Surin Phakdi Si Narong Chang Wang, the Governor. In 1786 during the reign of King Rama I, Muang Prathai Saman was renamed 'Muang surin' after the title of its Governor.

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