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The sunny season is arriving Phuket, marking the best time to visit this charismatic island of Southern Thailand. Here you will find plenty of relaxing beach mood and delicious foods, but best of all is a number of stunning viewpoints that scattered around the island.

Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

HotelThailand will take you to some of the most famous and best vista spots of Phuket Island. Join us and immerse yourself in marvelous view of the sea and town in the "Pearl of Andaman" island --- Phuket.


Three Bay Viewpoint

Three Bay Viewpoint - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

If you stay on the west coast, around Kata and Karon beach, do not miss this viewpoint on the hill just south of the beaches. It is also known as Karon viewpoint, one of the most popular vista spots of Phuket, said to be second only to Phromthep Cape. From the top, you can see 3 bays lined up picturesquely like 3 crescent moons, with small island on the open side adding a final touch to the view.

From Patong beach, you can reach Three Bay Viewpoint by western coastal road only around 13 km south from or 20min drive. Make sure to make a stop in the afternoon as it is the most beautiful moment --- a great stop before going down south for sunset at Phromthep Cape.


Rang Hill

Rang Hill - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

Rang Hill or Khao Rang is one of the all time popular viewpoint of Phuket, locates on small hill just north of the city area. On the summit, there is a terrace where you can enjoy scenic panorama of Phuket and the southeastern coastline of the island. You will enjoy the views over the town, especially in the evenings when Phuket town turn into flickering sea of light down below. Also there is a lush garden and exercise for local people, as well as restaurant for you to enjoy the local delicacies with amazing view as side dish.


Big Buddha

Big Buddha - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

Big Buddha is the latest view point of Phuket, which becomes an essential stop for travelers. It situates atop a high mountain near to Kata beach, and can be noted by enormous 45 meters tall Buddha image entirely made from white marble that can be seen from anywhere in the southern part of the island.

Located around 30 min rides from downtown up steep hill, this is a nice viewpoint surrounded by serene environment. It is famous for beautiful sunset and sunrise scenes, as well as picturesque panorama across Phuket Island, the city, and the coastline. There are monkey for you to feed as well as lines of amulet and souvenir shop to look. One thing to be aware is that this place is a religious site --- men can wear shorts but women need to be covered up.

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Windmill Hill

Windmill Hill - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

Located not just next to Promthep Cape, Windmill Viewpoint is another great spot for stunning vista of Phuket's southwestern coast. Though the size is small and not well promoted as an attraction, this place features vista similar to Promthep, but much quieter. There only a small gazebo and several windmill facing the sea at the top of the hill.

From the viewpoint, you will see tremendous view of Yai Nui Beach and Promthem Cape to the south, Nai Harn beach to the north and a small verdant island at the front. In some season, there are many sailing boats anchoring in the bay, which give it more characteristic view. Also, this place is a gathering place for wind lover with great surrounding for playing RC plane and paragliding.


Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

You will feel undone if you visit Phuket but do not visit Promthep Cape. This offer one of the most beautiful sunset scenes, not only in Phuket but also in Thailand, distinguished with elevated rocky headland stretch out to the sea. It can be crowded during sunset hour, as travellers from all over Phuket visit this place to enjoy the last light of the day. However, this place offers relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery other time all day long.

You can hike down to the valley to enjoy for more peaceful atmosphere and the view from different angle. There is a lighthouse, and on the side of the road just front of Promthep Cape locates choices of souvenir shops and delicious grilled seafood stalls for you to enjoy.


Khao Khad Viewpoint

Khao Khad Viewpoint - Marvelous Vista - 6 Greatest Viewpoint of Phuket You should not Miss

This viewpoint locates atop a hill on the east side of Phuket City -- on the way to Panwa cape and Makam Bay. Though it is not as famous as Promthep Cape, it is one of the best places where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the island. Climb to the top of the observatory and enjoy the view with one side facing the city and another open for the sea overlooking lush mangrove forests and outlying islands of Phuket's east coast.

There is no local bus to the Khao Khad Viewpoint. You must come by car or motorcycle. Follow Sakdidej road, and turn onto the small road before Panwa Cape. There is a clear sign along the road to leads you to the viewpoint.

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