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Bid goodbye to the rain or cold weather and set foot on the beach with sunny sky and nice temperature during the season of "Sea and Sun" around year's end until April next year. Southern Thailand always the place for sea lover, with plenty of beautiful islands and nice strips of beach, you will never want for more. The Andaman coast of Thailand has hundred of beautiful islands but among all these are the best you should not missed

10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand


The 4 Islands of Krabi

One of the top destinations of Krabi locates just some minutes off the shore from the famous Ao Nang. It is a group of 4 islands close to the coast - Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub and Koh Mor. You can hire a long tail boat to reach there, but the most popular choice is group tour that will only set you back around 800 baths for a morning-till-afternoon exploration.

The 4 Islands of Krabi - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Koh poda has a long beautiful beach with iconic sail shape cliff island at the front. You can enjoy swimming in emerald color water, have shallow water snorkeling or occupied a space for sunbath on the beach which is plentiful available. The other 3 islands are groupd together, with highlight on the "Talay Waek" which only appear at low tides. When the time is right a sand strip will appear and connect all 3 islands -- one of the most iconic scenes of Krabi.


Mo Koh Similan

Off the shore of Khao Lak lies a group of 9 pristine islands called Mo Koh Similan. This place is the place for sea seekers known for clear water, powder like sand and one of the most beautiful "underwater gardens" in Thailand. From Phang Nga's Thap Lamu Pier, you can choose to go on a full day or overnight trip. Speed boat will take you 50 kms from the shore and will take around 1.20 hour to reach the island, but along the way you will enjoy clear blue sky, boundary less sea, and cool breeze.

Mo Koh Similan - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Similan Islands open for visitor only from the 4th – 8th island as the 1st -3rd are reserved park and place for turtle to lay their eggs. In Koh Miang (4th Island) you will see a curve bay which breathtaking view and place to stay if you choose an overnight trip. The highlight of Similan Islands is on the 8th Island or Koh Similan which is home to the iconic Sail Shape Rock atop the cliff. Walk through rocky path and you can enjoy panoramic view of islands, sapphire blue water and blue sky.


Koh Lanta

Slow down you time, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Lanta Islands just south of Krabi downtown and can be reached by only one hour drive from the airport. These islands are known as the serene escape of Krabi, full of beautiful beaches, nature, nostalgic atmosphere and plenty of adventurous opportunities.

Koh Lanta - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Saladan Village on the northern tip of Lanta Noi Island is the main hub where you can find all goodies and tour agents. When you venture down the island, the quieter and less people you will find with almost deserted around Nui Bay to Tanode cape on the southern tip of the island. If you love adventurous stuffs Lanta also has elephant trekking at service. Trek through vegetation and water to Klong Chak waterfall, or experience local culture at Lanta Old Town.


Koh Phi Phi

Every year, Phi Phi Islands welcome almost 2 million visitors who come to see its mesmerizing beauty and geological magnificent. It can be conveniently reach from both Phuket and Krabi with 90 minutes ride on a ferry that will drop you off at Phi Phi Don Island, where you will find hundred choices of accommodation packed along the area surround by 2 sandy beach and sheer limestone cliff. If you come with day tour, you will go directly to see beautiful spot around the area and have a stop at Phi Phi Don for lunch.

Koh Phi Phi - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Just south of Phi Phi Don, locates Phi Phi Leh Island which is home to world famous "Maya Bay". This shop is the most popular stop in the entire islands of Andaman Sea known for its pristine white sandy beach that is hidden inside wall of limestone cliffs. Also there are many beautiful spot and Lagoon like Loh Sama Bay and snorkeling sites with coral reefs and colorful fishes.


The Outlying Islands of Phuket

Thailand's prime destination "Phuket" itself offers plenty of beautiful beaches and blissful moments by the sea, but of you want for more; you may opt to go on a trip to the gorgeous islands around the area. Island hopping tour is very popular activities you should not overlooked when you are in Phuket. It will take you to some of the most pristine islands with clean white beach you can occupy for yourself.

The Outlying Islands of Phuket - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Among all, Koh Racha Islands, Koh Maiton (Timber Island) and Coral Island (Koh Hae) are the most popular trio. These small islands lying is only some kilometers off the shore offering great beach and great diving and snorkeling opportunities. Koh Khai is a not-to-miss spot with stunning setting and crystal clear water. This is yet to include some other islands like Koh Bon and Koh Naka which offer not less beauty but more private mood.

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Koh Mook (The 4 Islands of Trang)

If you are bore of well trotted routes, you may consider visiting Koh Mook and its neighboring islands in Trang Province, which can be reached by day-tour from Koh Lanra or just 1.5 hour drive from Krabi Town and then catch a boat from Pak Meng Pier. This is a group of beautiful 4 islands lie in triangle shape --- Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai and Koh Chuak. These islands are known for deserted beaches, amazing "secret" cave, and colorful coral reefs.

Koh Mook (The 4 Islands of Trang) - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Koh Mook is the most known island of all 4 islands. It is home of the spectacular Emerald Cave (Tham Morakot) which can be enter though secret passage with just enough space to swim in when the tide is low, and the cave winds 260 feet (80 meters) to a hidden white sand beach enclosed by cliff walls. Koh Ngai offers spotless sandy beach along its eastern coast and thick forests in the middle. Koh Chuak has sea caves and small sandy beaches between and Koh Kradan has very nice sandy beaches and is covered with coconut palmtree and rubber plantations.


Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a small island in Satun Province. It is a truly tropical retreat for travelers who love to escape from everything and enjoy idly time by the sea, featuring plenty of relaxing opportunities, with clear, calm sea and excellent coral reefs - one of the most beautiful spots of Thailand.

Koh Lipe - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Pattaya Beach in the south is the most popular and the hub of the island. Sunrise Beach on the east is located near to the Chao Ley Village, while Sunset Beach in the west is a great spot for sunset. Apart from the island itself, you can go on an excursion tour to the island of love Khai Island, Koh Hin Ngam (beautiful rock island), and Tarutao Island.


Koh Hong and Koh Phanak

Koh Hong is one of the best places if you keen to go on an adventure during your trip to southern Thailand. They locate in Phang Nga Bay, filled with plenty opportunity to exploring sea caves on a kayak while looking for native plants and wildlife. There are tours depart daily from Phuket's Ao Por Pier, with John Gray's Sea Canoe as the biggest operator.

Koh Hong and Koh Phanak - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

From outside, Koh Phanak and Koh Hong look like impenetrable fortress of sheer rocky cliff, but if you look closely and at the right time you will see small secret passages that lead to "hong" (thai word for "room") inside. Follow an experienced guide through the limestone caves and lagoons then look out for the resident macaques, water monitors, kingfishers, mud-skippers, egrets, sea eagles and brahminy kites along the way.


Koh Panyi

The name Panyi may not as famous as Phi Phi or Patong Beach, but believe it or not lots of people enjoy visiting this small island as a side tour from Phuket. It locates only about 20 minutes by long-tail boat from Surakul pier in Phang Nga province, known for a sea gypsy village that seemingly floating on the bay with peaceful and simple life.

Koh Panyi - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

Panyi is a small island around 150 meters long and 70 meters across, but most of it is tall limestone karst. However, there are almost 1,500 people living on this island, and hundreds of house, huts, restaurants, school, mosque and even football field are miraculously built on slits over the water – making it look like floating village. Best of all is how very friendly these villagers are. They live simply and peaceful, and you will see smiles on their face, always.


Koh Hong of Krabi

Though the name "Koh Hong" can sometime be confused with Koh Hong of Phang Nga (which has no beach), this is one of Krabi's three most popular groups of islands locates around 30 minutes north of Ao Nang. This place is known for a picturesque crescent shaped bay with beautiful beach and shallow coral reefs. You can enjoy lying on the long sandy strip, swim in its natural clear pool or hop on a boat to the lagoon on the other side of the island.

Koh Hong of Krabi - 10 Most Popular Islands of the Andaman Coast of Thailand

If you go to Koh Hong with day tour from Ao Nang, the boat will take you to some of the smaller islands in the area like Koh Phak Bia which has sand bridge that appear on low tide, and Koh Lao Lading which is famed for small beautiful bay with nice beach and clear water.

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