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Nong Khai Thailand Hotels

Nong Khai City
clear picture After the completion of Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, Nong Khai became a convenient gateway to Indochina. If you expect civilization, Nong Khai is not the place as most people come to let loose by the Mekhong River and lazily watch the transit boats go by. Lifestyle in Nong Khai is slow but you will easily catch a glimpse of traditional Isaan culture here. Sala Kaew Ku is an eccentric park with massive Buddhist-Hindu sculptures, a site that should not be missed. Most importantly, on full moon night in the eleventh lunar month, Nong Khai lures thousands of visitors to witness an extraordinary phenomenon of pink fireballs shooting up the sky from Mekhong river bed - widely known as "Mekhong Full Moon party".

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