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1. Are all hotel prices inclusive of all taxes and service charges?

Most hotel prices displayed on our site are nett. They are inclusive of all taxes and applicable service charges. However, some hotels, especially where payment is settled directly with the hotel, taxes and service charge may not be included. This is clearly indicated in the remark under price table.

2. Can I book/ pay directly to the hotel?

No. The rates displayed on HotelThailand.com are available only through this service. Hotel walk-in rates are up to 75% more expensive. Our online agents are able to assist you with alternative hotels in case of non-availability and with other travel requirements which individual hotels cannot. All reservations on HotelThailand.com must be paid for in advance upon receiving confirmations from us. This is the only way to guarantee occupancy to the hotels and keep our prices low.

3. What is meant by ‘On Request/ Confirmation by email’?

Before proceeding with your reservation, we must check availability at some hotels by phone or fax first. Such hotels will be confirmed by email to you within 1 business day.

4. What does ‘Instant Confirmation’ mean?

Instant confirmation means that the indicated rooms are readily available and your reservation can be confirmed once you complete the payment.

5. Do I get hotel voucher and receipt upon completion of payment?

For Instant Confirmation, you can print your voucher and receipt immediately upon completion of payment. For On Request hotels, your voucher and receipt will be emailed to you upon confirmation. If your accommodation is booked by paying a deposit, your voucher will be issued only after completion of full balance payment. If you would like a voucher at the time of confirmation please select the full payment option on Secure Payment Step.

6. How long will it take to confirm ‘On Request’ room(s)?

Most bookings are confirmed within 1 business day. In some cases owing to holiday at the hotel location or technical problems, it could take up to 2 business days.

7. Are Airport Transfers included in the hotel price?

As a general rule, most hotel prices provided on our site do not include airport transfers. If they are included there will be a special remark under hotel price table.

8. Do you need my credit card details at the time I make a reservation?

Yes. However, only for Instant Confirmation your card will be charged at the time of reservation. For On Request hotels, your card will be charged only if and after booking is confirmed.

9. What is the difference between Deposit and Full Payment options?

If you book your accommodation well in advance of 45 days, HotelThailand.com allows you to get a confirmation by paying 1 Night deposit for every 7 nights you book. Time of issuing the voucher(s) depends on whether you choose to pay a deposit or full payment. If you choose to pay Deposit, you must wait until the balance payment is charged to receive voucher. If you choose Full Payment, you will receive a voucher immediately upon confirmation (by email for On Request hotels).

10. I don’t have printer right now, how can I print Voucher and Receipt later?

Email containing links to hotel voucher and payment receipt is dispatched to you once the booking is confirmed. You can access them at any later date. If you do not receive the email, you can login at My Booking on Top Right section of website to access them any time.

11. What is your cancellation/ refund policy?

To refer to our cancellation policy click here

12. Who owns and operates HotelThailand.com?

Mono Travel Co., Ltd.
Jasmine International Tower, 31st Floor
200 Chaeng Watthana Road
Pakkred, Northaburi 11120

Tel: +662 502 0752
Fax: +662 502 0757, +662 502 2536
Office Hours : Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00, Sat 9:00 - 13:00 (Thailand Time, GMT+7)

13. What is the normal hotel policy regarding children?

Most hotels allow up to 1 child under age 12 to share the same room with existing facilities at no additional cost. If an extra bed is required, price for a Triple room will have to be paid. Some hotels allow 2 children to share the room with their parents with extra charge. In such case you will be advised prior to confirmation.

14. I work for Airline/ travel industry, do I get additional discount?

Generally, we do not get any special rates from hotels for Airline or travel industry professionals. Hotels should be contacted directly for such cases.

15. Can I use my reward points from Accor, Mariott, Starwood, Hilton etc. on your site?

No. Only reservations made directly with the participated hotels can use reward points.

16. Are the rates the same for everyone?

As a general rule, the rates quoted are only available for oversea guests and not permitted for Thai residents and citizens. Our customer service agents will advise you at the time of reservation, if the reservation cannot be accepted. The hotel reserve the right to refuse OR reject the guests if they are found to be local residents and may be liable to pay a walk-in rate supplement upon check-in.

17. My credit card number is correct, but it is not accepted / I am getting an error while making a payment. Why?

There are a few possibilities:

- Make sure you are not using a proxy internet connection. A direct connection to internet is required for security purpose
- Our Payment Gateway opens in a new Windows. Make sure that pop up blocking software/features are turned off
- Make sure the input details are correct
- Make sure the card expiration date do not precede the reservation date.
- Make sure you have not reached your credit limit
- If you get an error apart from the reasons above, please contact your Online Agent

18. Why is the price different to when I last checked?

This normally depends on market conditions and currency fluctuations. During peak tourist season, convention, fairs etc. the prices are likely to change. Slight variation on periodical basis is more likely to reflect fluctuation in currency exchange rates.
However, once booked the price for a hotel is fixed as that at the time of reservation.

19. What are the different room categories?

Hotels tend to place their bedrooms within four different categories:

Standard (Run of the House or ROH)

Superior Deluxe Executive The actual difference between the bedrooms varies from one hotel to another.

Single Room A single room is designed to accommodate one person only. The room contains one single bed or twin bed.

Double Room A double room is designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains one queen or king size bed or if not available two single beds will be put together.

Twin Room A twin room is also designed to accommodate two people only. The room contains two single beds or if not available, one queen or king size bed.

Triple Room A triple room is designed to accommodate three people only. The room will contain either: one queen and one single bed or three single beds

Three single beds

Please specify which option you require when sending your reservation form.

20. Are special request guaranteed?

As indicated this will depend on each individual hotel's availability. We will certainly pass your special request on to the hotel.

21. How to book Triple Saver Package?

You can enjoy this exclusive offer conveniently by following these 2 steps:

Step 1: Book your first hotel with us in your dream destinations: Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket.

Step 2: Book your next hotel with us in your dream destinations mentioned above. You are free to book your first and second hotel or more in any destinations with no restriction. Enjoy this offer even if you book 2 hotels or more in the same destination.

Please note that:
- No hidden additional fee and conditions guaranteed.
- No time restriction. You can join this exclusive offer anytime after booking your first hotel with us.
- Exclusive offers from Triple Saver Package may vary in each destination.
- See full detail of Triple Saver Package here.

  • HotelThailand.com makes every effort to ensure that any materials or rates displayed on this website are accurate as at the date of issue.Changes in market conditions or circumstances may occur after the issue date which may make information displayed on this website no longer accurate or no longer reflect the current position.
  • HotelThailand.com hereby expressly disclaim any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the accuracy, completeness, quality or adequacy of any contents of this website. We will not be responsible for any loss resulting from your relying on any information provided on this website.
  • While HotelThailand.com makes every effort to work with hotels which provide an acceptable standard of service and accommodation for the price paid, we hereby expressly disclaim any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the quality or adequacy of any hotel listed on our website.
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