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Narathiwat Tourist Information

Narathiwat Tourist InformationNarathiwat Tourist Information

is the southernmost Thai coastal province facing the Gulf of Thailand and borders northeast Malaysia. The provincial capital is 1,437 kilometers south of Bangkok by road, and 1,116 kilometers by train. The province covers some 4,475 square kilometers, two thirds of which are forested mountains. The inhabitants of Narathiwat (which means "the residence of good people") are largely farmers and fishermen. Narathiwat is the province having beautiful natural sceneries of both forests and the seaside resorts. Narathiwat is currently divided into 12 districts, i.e., Muang, Rangae, Sungai Padi, Sungai Kolok, Ruso, Yi-ngo, Waeng, Bacho, Tak Bai, Si Sakhon, Sukhirin, Chanae and Sub District Cho Ai Rong bordering on Pattani to the north, Kalantan State of Malaysia to the south, Yala to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west.

Things to see & do sights & experiences

Phra BuddhaTaksin Mingmongkol
Located in Wat Khaokong, 6 kilometers from town on the Narathiwat-Rangae Road, This large seated Buddha image is covered with golden mosaic tiles, is 24 meters high and measures some 17 meters from knee to knee.

Banthon Village
Located 16 kilometers from the provincial capital, and just beyond the airport, this scenic coastal fishing village, populated by Thai Muslims, is noteworthy for the handpainted Korlae fishing boats seen there. Colourful models of the craft are also made. The village is also well known for its reed mats, Budu sauce and fish-flavoured chips.

Naratat Beach
This area, near the estuary of the Bangnara River, comprises a broad and extensive pine-lined beach with white sand. Several beachside restaurants serve native-style cuisine, and accommodation facilities are available.

Manao Bay
It's about 3 kms. away from town along the route Narathiwat - Tak Bai. This long beach stretches to the Bangnara River of which the right bank borders the Thaksin Ratchaniwet Royal Palace. Along the beach, there is an evergreen line of pine trees and a plenty of beautiful rocks.

Festivals & events what's happening on the local scene

Specialities Festival & Longkong Fruit Fair
Staged each September in the provincial capital, this festival coincides with Korlae boat races between local crews

Tomoh Chinese Goddess Fair
Staged in Su-ngai Kolok, usually during late April, this features dragon and lion dances, revelry and religious processions.

Local flavor from food to handicrafts

Food & Fruits
Kai Korlae Barbecued chicken on bamboo sticks, which has been marinated in curry paste and coconut milk. Khao Yam Plain rice served with separate toppings of shredded vegetable, coconut powder, fish powder, lime juice and a local sauce call "Budu" (Other topping may include).


2-5 kgs
Eating fresh, Durian paste


Eating fresh, canning

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