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Uttaradit Tourist Information

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Uttaradit is a naturally beautiful town, having Sila Asna Bedstead as an important provincial: being the location of Sirikit Dam ; world's largest teak tree; located some 491 kms. from Bangkok. Its overall area is 7,838 square kilometers and administratively divided into 9 Amphoes; Muang, Tron, Tha Pla, Nam Pat, Fak Tha, Phichai, Lap Lae, Ban Khok, and Thong Saen Khan.

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Monumet of Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Phraya Phichai was a brave hero of Uttaradit, and fought alongside King Taksin the Great. After liberation from Burmese occupation, he was assigned to rule Muang Phichai and promoted to Phraya Siharat Decho. Uttaradit folks have combined their efforts to construct his monument at the Provincial Hall and it was inaugurated on February 20, 1969.

Uttaradit Cultural Centre ,it is located in the Governor's Residence where the ancient artifacts can be seen. It is opened for the public for viewing and has many antiques on display.

Luang Pho Phet This provincial crossed-let Sitting Buddha image is housed in the Vihara of Wat Tha Thanon right in the heart of Uttaradit City, cast of bronze in Chiang Saen period having the lap width of 32.5 inches with the height of 41 inches and is highly respected by Uttaradit residents.

Sila At Bedstead This bedstead is located in Wat Phra Thaen Sila At, 6 kms. from the township area on a hilltop with a 60 meter access path, where celebrating fair takes place on the middle of 3rd and 4th lunar months of every year.

Wat PhraYun Buddha BhatYukhon This monastery is located next to Wat Phra Thaen Sila At, being an ancient monastery, with an old Mondop topped by a five-piece roofing having fourabodes on the highe stpeak with Burmesetiered umbrella, constructed by early Chiang Sanen artisans, the only of such architecture seen in Thailand.

Phra Boromthat Chedi This pagoda is otherwise called Phrathat Thung Yang , an ancient structure similar to Phra Yun Buddha Bhat Yukhon but the original pagoda had crumbled. The present one was constructed, 70 years ago, to replace the original one. This wat is located in the vicinity of Thung Yang Market, 5 kms. from the township area.

Muang Lap Lae An Amphoe of Changwat Uttaradit, located only 6 kms. from Uttaradit town, renowned by its natural beauty, Teen -Jog design hand woven fabric, broom made of Tong Kong grass. The locality is also remarkable with fruits like Durin and Langsat which are very economic in price during the peak season when the amphoe conducts a fair contesting Langsats annually.

Namtok Mae Phun This waterfall is located 12 kms. from Lap Lae Market, an artificial one constructed by the Province.

Sirikit Dam This dam is located in the area of Amphoe Tha Pla, 60 kms. from the township area and accessible by a good asphalt road. The barrier itself is 169 meters in height and width of 12 meters with the lenght of 800 meters blocking the stream of Maenam Nan at Pha Som. Its construction started in 1963. The upstream part of the river has now become a big lake with beautiful sceneries suitable for sightseeing.

Ton Sak Yai or Big Teak Tree Forest Park This area is located in Amphoe Nam Pat where the largest teak tree in the world grows. It is another place of interest in Changwat Uttaradit where tourist who visits Sirikit Dam should also make a visit to this arboretum to view the giant teak tree.

Nam Phi Village This village is renowned for making steel swords that do not rust. When approaching the village, you will hear blacksmiths at their anvils striking hard to make swords. The village is 25 kms. from the township located in Amphoe Thong Saen Khan.

Langsat Fair This fair is annually conducted, during the first part of September on the open area in front of the Provincial Hall. Langsat, a fruit eaten raw, is a specialty of Uttaradit. Among the features are a display and sale of products, handicrafts, local.

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