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Phayao Tourist Information

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Phayao was separated from Chiang Rai Province on August 28, 1977, located 619 kms. from Bangkok, occupying an overall area of 6,335.1 square kilometers and administratively divided into seven Amphoes : Muang, Chun, Chiang Kham, Chiang Muan, Dok Kham Tai, Pong and Mae Chai.


King Ngam Muang Monument is erected in memory of King Ngam Muang, a former ruler of Phu Kam Yao (Phayao) at the municipal public park fronting Kwan Phayao (Phayao Lake).

Wae Si Khom Kham This monastery is located in Amphoe Muang on the bank of Phayao Lake commonly called by the villagers "Wat Phra Chao Ton Luang" housing a principal image having a lap width o 14 meters, 17 meters in height. The annual fair takes place every May.

Located within the monastery compound is "Ho Thai Nithat" a building where antiques and exhibitions on literature, local intellectual and Phayao's life style are presented with new technology devices.

Wat Si Umong Kham has a pagoda of the Chiang Saen Period in perfect conditions. This monastery also houses the Buddha image "Luang Po Ngam Muang Runag Rit" or the socalled "Phra Chao Lan Tu" which is regarded as the most beautiful Buddha image of Lanna Thai and a unique artistic symbol of Phukamyao, the ancient Phayao Kingdom.

Di Chom Thong This is a small hill, located on the bank of Phayao Lake having an access road of 1.5 kms. distance branching off the Phahonyothin to the top of the hill where there is a Buddhistic monk community which is generally called by the villagers "Phrathat Chom Thong".

Kwan Phayao This natural lagoon having clear and clean water occupies an area of 12,800 rai, is beautiful and a breeding source for fresh water fishes. There are a lot of food shops located along the bank suitable for dining and relaxing in the evening.

Phayao Fishery Office is the place where the first successful artificial dissemination of the giant catfish took place. The world's biggest fresh water fish can be found only in the Mae Khong River. Various fishes are shown in an exhibition room and the general area has been designed as a fresh water animal park. This park gathers a great variety of water animals and opens for the public on official hours.

Wat Analayo is on Doi Busarakham, 20 kms. from town to the north. It is a big temple built by a Thai monk who was known as "Phra Kru Phaiboon". Within its wide compound, the big and beautiful Buddhist image of the Sukhothai style as well as many other structures are present. The view of Kwan Phayao (The natural lagoon) and the town can he seen from top of the hill.

Doi Luang National Park covers areas in Chafing Rai, Lampang and Phayao. The main attraction in Phayao's area is 'Namtok Champa Thong" the beautiful waterfall situated at Km.7 on Phayao-Chiang Rai Highway, about 18 kms. from the township area.

Wiang Lo AncientTown or 'Muang Phra Lo' is located around 17 kilometers away from Amphoe Chun along highway no. 1021. At Ban Huai Ngiu, there is a branch to Ban Nam Chun which is about 12 kilometers away along a dusty road. From the remainings of the old city walls and a lot of deserted temples, the site was assumed to be a city in the reign of Pho Khun Ngam Muang (King Ngam Muang). Here, an old monastery 'Vat Si Ping Muang" is located. As this area is adjacent to the point where the Chun River runs to join the Ing River, it is locally called "Sop Ing" (a meeting point) as well.

Wat Phra That Sop Waen is located about 4 kilometers from Amphoe Chiang Kham. There is an old stupa of approximately 700-800 years in which some Buddha's hair and chin bones have been kept. This monastery had been renovated several times in the past; however, its artistic style of Lanna Thai has been maintained.

Wat Nantaram is located at Ban Don Chai, Amphoe Chiang Kham. It was designed in Burmese style. The whole structure of its vihara was built from teak and decorated with fine carved wood in some parts such as windows, a pediment, galleries, etc.

Don KhamTai This is an Amphoe (district) 12 kms. from the township area. Besides being renowned by its beautiful women, there is also Ban Tham Arboreturm housing Phrathat Chomsin Pagoda.

Namtok Nam Pin This very beautiful waterfall is located at Mu 9, Tambon Fai Kwang, Amphoe Chiang Kham. It cascades from a 10 meter high cliff and can be accessible, from the township area, by a road of 107 kms. distance.

Namtok Phu Sang This waterfall is located at Mu 8, Tambon Phu Sang, Amphoe Chiang Kham, 96 kms. from the township area. it cascades from an 8-meter high cliff.

Thai Lu Tribe of Chiang Kham and Chiang Muan These tribal people originally resided in the territory of Sib Song Parma Kindom before migrating into Thailand several decades ago. Their beautiful sophisticated hand woven silk and cotton fabrics, sold in their village, are attractive items for tourists.

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