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Lamphun Tourist Information

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Lamphun, formerly Hariphunchai, is another historical sites. The town was founded in the year 1663 and the first ruler was a Queen called Chammathewi. This charming province is also noted for its beautiful women and tasty longans.

With an area of 4,506 sq. kms., the province has 7 Amphoes namely: Muang, Pa Sang, Ban Hong, Mae Tha, Li, Thung Hua Chang, and Ban Thi. The town is about 670 kilometers from Bangkok by car.


In The City :

Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai This monastery is in the township area, built in the reign of King Athittayarat and has been repaired, renewed, and enlarged from time to time. Phrathat Hariphunchai Pagoda is currently 46 meters high having nine tiered umbrella, made of gold weighing approximately 6,498.75 grams, placing on the top. The base is of square shape with 20 meters in length on each side. On every full moon day of the sixth lunar month, there is a celebration of this Wat Phrathat in term of the annual fair.

Hariphunchai National Museum which houses numerous Lanna antiques found in the region. The museum is open to public everyday except Monday, Tuesday and official holidays from 09.00 -16.00. Admission fee is 10 baht.

Ku Kut Pagoda or Wat Chamma Thewi (Swan Changkot Chedi) This monastery was built around A.D. 755 by Khmer artisans. The pagoda structure is of the square Buddha Gaya Characteristics as seen in India. Three standing Buddha images, in the attitude of blessing are enshrined on each level of the pagoda base of each side totaling 15 images for one side of five levels, grand totaling 60 Buddha image d the pagoda. Relics of Queen Chammathewi, the first ruler of Hariphunchai housed inside the pagoda. The pagoda top was originally covered with gold but later, was broken and disappeared thus giving to the name "Ku Kut" or Pagoda without top.

Other temples in the vicinity include Wat Mahawan , noted for sacred amulets, Wat Phra Yun or Wat Buddha Maha Sathan built by King Thammikarat about one thousand years ago.

Along Highway to Chiang Mai is located the village of Nong Chang Khun which is noted for the biggest plantations of longans in the country.

Along The Route to Pa Sang(Road No.106) :

Amphoe Pa Sang is about 10 kilometers from Lamphun. It is noted as the centre for local handicrafts and also for its beautiful and charming women.

Tak Pha Buddha Footprints The footprints are located on the top of a small hill in the area of Tambon Makok, Amphoe Pa Sang, 16 kms. from the township area. The legend says that Lord Buddha left his footprints during his visit to that locality for Lawa tribal people to pay their homages to in lieu of he himself. He also dried his suffron robe on the cliff where one, at present, can see a mark like a piece of suffron robe being dried there thus originating the name of Tak Pha Buddha Footprints or Drying Suffron Robe Buddha Footprints. Annual celebration takes place on the eight day of warming moon of the sixth lunar month of every year when inhabitants of Lamphun and neighbouring provinces flock to the annual fair.

Amphoe Mae Tha :

Doi Khun Tan National Park Doi Khun Tan is located on a mountain range bordering on both Lampang and Lamphun Provinces. There is a 1,362 meter long tunnel, regarded the longest in Thailand, for railroad underneath the mountain. There are accommodations, which belong to the Royal State Railway of Thailand, a missionary party, and the Royal Forestry Department, on top of Doi Khun Tan.

Amphoe Li :

Mae Ping National Park situated at km. 47 on Lamphun - Li - Thoen route, (Highway 106) the park covers a lake and a forest above Phumiphol Dam. Attractions in the area of the park are : Namtok Ko Luang , Tham Yang Wi , and Kaeng Ko, etc. Langan Fair.

Langan Fair This fair, held in August every year, features a contest to judge the best fruit and select Miss Lamyai (Langan) for each year.

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