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Trat is the province situated at the east border of Thailand, 315 kilometers from Bangkok. The town occupies the area of 2,819 kilometers or 1,761,875 rai. In the province, there are 5 districts, namely Muang, Khao Saming, Laem Ngob, Klong Yai, Bo Rai and 2 sub-districts; Ko Kud and Ko Chang.

The province is close to Chanta Buri and Cambodia in the North and adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand in the South. The east is seperated from Cambodia by Buntud Mount Range eastwards from the middle of the province. Weru River seperates the west Trat from Chanta Buri.

Ko Chang is the ideal location for the real rest as the weather there is very comfortable with the average temperature not too cold or too hot. Ko Chang is influenced by the noreastern and southwestern storms. That triggers limitations to the water transportation to the group of islands. Between May and October which is the period of southwestern monsoons, the west coast is always visited by storms and thus, not safe for ferry boats. Between November to April is very safe since there are quite a few storms. Most of Trat areas lie in the Gulf of Thailand. This makes the province abundant with tourism resources. Trat has as many as 52 islands, especially Ko Chang include sea, waterfalls, ans forest. The province is also the source of red sapphire, fine shrimp paste and sweet rakum, a kind of palm of genus Zalacca with sweet and acid taste.

Wat Buppharam or Wat Plai Klong
is situated in Moo 3 Tambon Wangkrachae, two kilometers from the Trat's inner city. The temple was built in 1652 during the reign of King Prasart Thong in the late Ayutthaya period.

Tourist spots include the ashes of the Buddha, Buddha images of different styles and historical sites such as the vihara, the belfry, Thai style priest house.

Wat Saphan Hin
is expected to be at least 100 years old but no evidence indicating when it was exactly built has been found. Inthe midlle of the pond is situated and old church, a kilometer the temple. Two lines of stones are used in communication between the two banks and the church

The shrine of the town's guardian spirit
lies on Luk Muang Road near Wat Yothanimit, it is different from other shrines. The structure features a Chinese shag.It was assumed that. The Great King Taksin set up the shrine while assembling his army to redeem the independence of the country. While seizing Trat, it was said that, Frence troop saw the province's residents pay respect to the shrine every day.

Laem Sok
was used as the residence of Krom Luang Chumpornkhet Udomsak, the father of Thai Royal Naval Army, Red sand can be found nearby the area and site of interests are villages of fishermen, namely Laem Hin and Ao Cho.
They brought an elephant to extract the pole of the shrine but didn't fall. The shrine was later renovated and is paid respect by residents in the province up to present.

Thai Red Cross Association's Khao Lan Center
is set on Trat-Klong Yai Road, in Tambon Mai Roodabout50 Km form trat's inner city. The center was established on the occasion of the 60 th anniversary of Her Majest the Queen in 1992. In the area are situated Ratchakarun Hall and the museum in which the exhibition featuring the history, lifestyle and household items of Cambodian refugees

Lan Sai Beach
is situated on Trat-Klong Yai Road about 5 Km from the 31 of the right of the 318 Highway.

Saphan Hin Waterfall
lies on Trat -Klong Yai Road about 2 Km from 31-32 of the right of the 318 Highway.

Wat Yothanimit
or "Wat Bot "used to be the site to hold Tue Nam Pra Pipat sattaya Ceremony, or the state ceremony in which government officials have to drink the oath of allegiance to declare that they would be loyal to the country, in the time when King Taksin gathered his army officers here after Ayutthaya was broken by Burmese army. The main site of interest is the mural painting in the elder church. "Resident Kampot"is situated on Luk Muang Road in the municipal area. The site used to be the governor's house in the peirod when French Troop ruled the province. The three storey building features colonial architecture. The building was used as a overnment office but nowsadays was in a state of declining


Ko Chang Naval Battle Remembrance Day.
January 17-21

Laem Ngob and Ko chang
It is organized to recall the nacal battle between Thai and French troops on January 17,1941. In the fair, the merit making ceremony dedicated to thai naval officers who sacrificed their lives for the country will be held. Exhibitions of Thai Naval Army and othergovernment agencies together with entertainmets will be on display.

Trat Independence Day
March 23-27
City hall's front yard

March 23,1906 was when Trat was liberated. During his reign, King Rama V made a traty with France granting Trat and Patchantakiri (Ko Kong) to the country in exchange with French troop's manoeuvre off Chanta Buri Province. Later, on March 23, 1906 the King had to grant Prathong, Siem Reap and Sri Sophon to France in exchange with Trat Province and islands and towns on the right bank of Mekong. In the fair, King Rama V Commemorative Parade, the exhibition featuring history of Trat and Lung Aan Siam Dog Competition will be held. Agricultural and local products, cultural performances and enterments will be on view as well.

Sweet Rakum and Red Rudy Day
City hall's front yard
During late May and early June on the city hall's front yard. Exhibitions, entertainments, fruits competitions, such as rakum, a kind of palm with sweet and acid taste, will be on display. Agricultural products are available.


Red Ruby
better known Siam ruby, is a very famous product of Trat. Sweet Rakum is the most famous fruits of the province. The tastes of the fruit when fully ripe, is very sweet. Trat's rakum is very famous among fruit lover.

Ngob Num Chiaw
is a age-old handicraft of Num Chiaw Community in Tambon Num chiaw, Amphoe Laem Ngob.

Lung Aan Siam Dog
whose special characteristics of which is the circle of whorl of hair behind the back is very famous for its lovalty and intelligences.

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