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Ratchaburi Tourist Information

Ratchaburi is a very old city going back to the ancient era. It was a town of the Suwannaphum Kingdom which was very prosperous. Ratchahuri occupies an area of 5,196 square kilometers and is located 101 kilometers from Bangkok along Phetchakasem Highway or 80 kilometers along the Highway No .35 (the Thon Bt ri-Pak Tho Highway). Ratchahuri is administratively divided into nine Amphoes: Mu ang, Photharam, Damnoen Saduak, Pak Tho, Chom Bung, Bang Phae, Wat Phleng, Suan Phung, and Ban Pong.

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Wat Phra Si Ratana MahathatThis is an ancient monastery located in Amphoe Muang. It has a prang constructed during the prosperous old Khmer era when they ruled the Suwannaphum Kingdom. The prang has a characteristic of the replica of Phra That of Angkor War.

Ratchaburi National Museum Ratchaburi National Museum is located in the municipality of Ratchahuri. The museum houses all ancient items, skeleton of ancient people including those implements which could be dug for research. Information is provided for each item on display.

Khao Wang This small hill 44 meters high is located two kilometers west of the township area and is accessible by a vehicle road. King Rama V commanded a palace built on this hill but he made only one visit in the year 1877. Later in the seventh reign, King Rama VII commanded to give the palace as Thorani Song land (land belonging to a monastery). Those who had merit making intentions contributed to the repair and modification of buildings for the Main Shrine Hall and monk's living quarters. Later on it was promoted to be a monastery called "Wat Khao Wang".

Khao Kaen ChanThis hill is located in the vicinity of Amphoe Muang and it is 141 meters high. There is a road to its peak where a Vihara housing Phra Phuttha Nirarokhantarai Chaiwat Chaturathit Buddha image is located.

Phra Phutthachai Tham Rusi Khao Ngu This is a stone cut Buddha image in the attitude of giving the first preaching sermon which is the oldest among the four built in the Dvaravati period. It is seven kilometers from the provincial township along the Ratchaburi-Suan Phung Road (Highway No.3087).

Tham Khao Bin This cave is located 22 kilometers from the township. On the left one can see Khao Bin Jungle Park Office. From there one can reach the cave by an asphalt paved road of 1.7 kilometers distance. This cave is in the Khao Bin Range having an approximate height of 200 meters. There are stalactites and stalagmites looking like eagles spreading their wings; this configuration gave the name of Tham Khao Bin.

Tham Chomphon Arboretum. This cave arboretum is located in the vicinity of Amphoe Chom Bung, 30 kilometers west of the provincial township area. The cave was originally called Tham Mutchalin; it is located in a mountain which is 191 meters high situated in the township area. In the year 1895, King Chulachomklao and Queen Si Phatcharin made a royal visit and they liked the beauty of this cave very much, thus, giving a new name to it, "Tham Chomphon". There are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in the cave which also houses a medium sized Reclining Buddha. In front of the Comphon Cave lies an arboretum having various species of plants and trees. It is a suitable place for relaxing.

Chaloem Phra Chon Phansa Park This park is located in the area of the Chomphon Mountain foothills and occupies an area of more than 100 rai. It is utilized as a place for relaxation and as an overnight stop for tourists.

Pong Yup From Tham Chomphon on the way to the area of Amphoe Sean Phung, at 29 kilometers distance there is a branch road on the left leading to Tambon Tha Khoei. There, a piece of land has sunk down causing a high cliff outbreak with earthen pillars similar to those found at Phae Muang Phi in Changwat Phrae.

Hot Stream This hot stream is situated in the area of Bo Khlung, Amphoe Suan Phung. Its source is in the Tanaosi Mountain Range. The stream flows all the year round and its temperature ranges between 120-136 degrees Fahrenheit (50-68 degrees Celcius).

Murals of Wat Khongkharam This is a Mon monastery over 200 years old and originally called "Wat Klang" or "Phia To". King Mongkut gave it a new name as "Wat Khongkharam". The beauty of the main shrine hall is very interesting and worth studying. Wat Khongkharam is located in Amphoe Photharam, some 22 kilometers from Ratchaburi.

Khao Chong PhranThis hill is located in Tambon Tao Pun, Amphoe Photharam, having a beautiful cave housing more than one hundred Buddha images. The important one among them is the large Reclining Buddha which is more than nine meters long and one meter high. There is also a cave which, more than 2,000,000 bats use as their home.

Nang Yai at Wat Khanon Wat Khanon is located in Amphoe Photharam. Nang Yai is well preserved at this place only. Nang Yai is an old form of entertainment which gathers many kinds of arts, for example Thai designs, sculpturing, male performers plus music, mask play and Thai Literature. This is then a beauty which, is protrayed on the screen and it can dance beautifully to the music and the one who makes it dance. At present, Ratchaburi province is organizing a Nang Yai performance for tourists. There are about 330 Nang Yai puppets all of which are still in perfect condition to be shown on screen.

Kosinarai PondThis ancient pond is near the office of Amphoe Ban Pong. Evidence found from archaeological excavations reveals that the area used to be an old city in ancient times. Items found, include, five arms of Phra Bodhisatva Lokesuan made of red sandstone and a pair of Phra BodhiSatva's feet, now stored in the National Museum.

Damnoen Saduak Floating MarketThis is alternatively called by the villagers as Khlong Lat Phli Floating Market and is located approximately 400 meters from the site of Amphoe Damnoen Saduak Office. One can hire a boat from Potchawan Landing or from Seri Khemi Kaset Landing to view the floating market which takes place from 06.00 to 11.00 hours.

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