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Pathumthani Tourist Information

Pathum Thani is a city in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand. Pathum Thani has been a residential area for not less than 300 years since the reign of King Narai the Great of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. About Pathum Thani

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City Pillar Shrine The shrine, located in the compound of Sala Klang, was constructed on January 3,1977 having a four-gabled design to house the city pillar, it is similar to a lotus stem and a statue of the Narai God. On one side, enshrined a Buddha image of Sukhothai style in the attitude of Subduing Evil.

Wat Chinwararam This monastery is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River slightly opposite the mouth of Khlong Rangsit Prayunsak in the vicinity of Amphoe Muang; it is two kilometers from the intersection of the Krung Thep-Pathum Thani Road. The original name was Wat Makham Tai. The main interest are mural painting telling of the Lord Buddha's previous lives; they are called "Phra Chao Sip Chat" (ten lives of the Lord) with poetic descriptions.

Wat Sing This monastery is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River three kilometers from the township area. It is believed to be the first monastery constructed in the migrating Mon community. The important points here are Luang Pho To, the Ayutthaya style Buddha image in the attitude of Subduing Evil; pavilions; museum; archaeological materials of Mon style; and a bedstead of King Rama II, utilized by him when he made a royal visit to Muang Sam Khok. The villagers living around the monastery still produce old style Mon bricks, a famous domestic industry.

Wat Chedi Thong This monastery is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in the vicinity of Amphoe Sam Khok. The main attractions are the 160 year old Buddhist pagodas of Mon Style architecture and a white jade Buddha image in the attitude of Subduing Evil housed in the Ubosot. It is eight kilometers from the provincial township along the Pathum-Sam Khok Road.

Wat Phut Udom This monastery is 57 kilometers on the Pathum Thani-Nong Chok Road in Tambon Sai, Amphoe Lam Luk Ka. Statues displaying both hell and heaven stages of beings, replica of Phra Phuttha Sothon in the Ubosot, and an archaeological materials museum are the main features.

Wat Bua Khwan This monastery in the vicinity of Amphoe Lat Lum Kaeo houses a Buddha image in the attitude of starving which was cast in the reign of King Rama V. Another important attraction is the pavilion wherein King Rama VI presided over a ploughing ceremony, called "Sala Daeng", having a teak the roofing which is regarded as exquisite.

Wat Chedi Hoi A small monastery located atTambon Bo Ngoen, Amphoe Lat Lum Kaeo, 18 kilometers away from town. Here, numerous shells of giant oysters dating back some 8 million years were unearthed. The shells, or Hoi in Thai, weighing at least 1 kilogram each, were arranged into a chedi and thus, the monastery's name.

Wat Worani Thammakayaram Another name of this monastery is the Meditation Practice Center, located in Tambon Khlong Sam, Amphoe Khlong Luang, five kilometers from Pahon Yothin Road. It is built as a jungle garden Dharma Kingdom occupying an area of 196 rai where the atmosphere is pleasant and suitable for practicing meditation.

Wat PhailomThis monastery on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in Amphoe Sam Khok is an ancient one constructed in the Sukhothai period. The main attraction is the annual migration of open-billed storks from Siberia to reside in and around the monastery from November, when it is their mating period, until their babies are grown big enough to fly to other places with the parents usually in June. To access by car Wat Phailom is on the Pathum Thani-Sam Khok Road, however a ferry service across the river at Amphoe Sam Khok Office is needed.

Dream World A new born amusement park is situated on Km.7 of Rangsit-Ong Kharak Road, a 10 minute drive from Don Muang Airport. It is a beautiful land designed in classic style and decorated with European style plaza, miniature land of the major world legend and exciting playing machines. Open daily from 10.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M.,except on weekends from 10.00 A.M.- 7.00 P.M. Admission fee is 95 baht per person. The price plus service charges is 250 Baht per person. For further information, please contact Tel.5331152, 5331447, 5331449

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