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Thai Traditional Massage

The Ancient Art of Traditional Massage
The therapeutic art of stretching, pushing, pressing and relaxing..

Traditional Thai massage has its roots extending back deep into history. It was developed from ancient Chinese acupuncture and was used together with local herbal medicine to cure the ills of the village folk in the days before doctor become a part of the everyday scene. Their system is based on lines of energy believed to flow through the body and converges at many points. Pressure can be applied or needles inserted at these points to unblock the flows of energy that accumulate. The custom of taking a regular massage is still practiced today, as it has been proven to aid good health and long life.

Some people today believe that traditional massage is doomed. But this fear is nothing new. Two hundred years ago King Rama 3, alarmed at the dwindling number of practitioners of ancient massage ordered that all tenets of the precious knowledge should be carved on stone, in case they may be irrevocably lost. These inscribed slabs can be seen today in the compound of Wat Po, one of the better centers of traditional massage.

Following on this tradition, some establishments have employed masseuses trained from the oldest academy in Thailand and offer special courses tailor-made to the customers requirements. They usually follow the same basic principles, but the style may not always be the same, with emphasis on this and that method varying from place to place.

The masseuses do not only press the parts the patient can't reach, they also stretch them. One of the main areas in need of attention is the spine. One of the standards stretching routines for this main pillar of the body is to bend the patient over backwards, so that the spine rests on the masseuses upright knees. It is a spectacular trick that needs to be done just right if its not to cause more harm than good. The good masseuses usually start on the legs, course through every nook and cranny of aches and tension, finishing with a facial tone-up. To provide the greatest convenience and hygiene, the treatment takes place either in your home or hotel room, just give them a call.

Using their service you know exactly what you are getting, expertly trained massese who know their business, there are no hidden charges, no expensive taxi fares or time wasting search for a suitable establishment. They all stake their reputation on their service, so why not give them a try today for health without hazards.

Stone figure, Wat Pho

Ancient massage technique, Wat Pro

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