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Penile Enlargement

Bangkok Health and Beauty Center

Penile enlargement - enhancing sexual performance and satisfaction
Modern surgical techniques now make it possible to increase both the girth and length of the penis, correct premature ejaculation, thus improving sexual performance and satisfaction for a more lasting sexual relationship.

- Widening penile girth
- Penile lengthening
- Treatment for premature ejaculation
- Improves confidence for men
- Improves sexual relationship

Penile Surgical Options

Penile Lengthening Surgery
The penile lengthening procedure capitalizes on the anatomic fact that approximately one-half of the penis is located inside the body, attached to the pubic bone through the suspensory ligament. Surgical release of this ligamentous attachment through an incision at the pubic area allows the penis to advance outside the body. A gain in length of about 1-4 cm. can be expected.

Widening Penile Girth Operations
2.1 Tissue graft taken from testicular or groin skin and fat and then transplanted to the penis.
2.3 Fat injection using fat extracted from the thigh or abdomen and injected into the penis.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment
Premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse causing disharmony to a relationship. This condition is almost always caused by psychological problems like anxiety rather than a physical or functional problem. Certain diseases however can predispose to premature ejaculation including diabetes, a tight foreskin, and nervous system disorders.

The mainstay of treatment is the application of sensation numbing creams applied to the penis prior to intercourse. A surgical option entails selective denervation of the penile glans to desensitize the most sensitive portion for a prolongation of the sexual performance.

Possible Side Effects

  • Infection although prevention is done with judicious use of antibiotics.
  • Bleeding as the penis is a highly vascular organ. Cold compress application after the operation is of benefit.
  • Less upright penis during erection in the penile lengthening procedure. Erection is however not interfered with.
  • Tissue necrosis in the case of tissue transplant for penile widening operation.
  • Lumpy appearance in fat injection widening procedure as only 20 -30% of the injected fat remains with the rest absorbed by the body.
  • For premature ejaculation surgery, temporary or permanent numbness may be experienced

Penile Enlargement Penile Enlargement
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Penile Enlargement
Penile Enlargement
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