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DETOX is a safe and effective method to clean and remove contamination from Large intestine using 25 liter of warm water. Water will be slowly let into body through tube which is inserted for only 2 inches deep to anal. Meanwhile, the patient will excrete the water and excrement through anal just like normal excrement. The water which is let into Large intestine for lower than 1 liter per time is drove out with excrement through gap between tube without having to remove the tube out. It will be performed in circulation until the 25 liter of water runs out. The Large intestine will be thoroughly cleaned.

This method does not cause any pain. However, in some case the patient will feel pressured from Large intestine from excreting pain. The doctor to perform is high skillful and then patient will not feel any pain. The patient will be satisfied with the treatment. Sometime, the muscle of Large intestine probably extracted suddenly because of stimulation from water, glucose or coffee but the symptom will be disappeared in short time.

Alimentary canal system in the body generally is 5 feet long (150 cm.)

How long the DETOX should be continued depending on patient's purpose. If they wish to cure any chronic disease, relieve fever, headache or backache, DETOX will be needed once a week until recovery. If they wish to cure permanent constipation and improve the Large intestine?s function, it should be performed every one month in combination with diet care and doing exercise. The frequent also depends on individual health state and treatment results. However, the doctors believe that it give patient some benefits to cure and prevent for various disease if it is perform regularly.

Benefits of DETOX
DETOX helps to clean and remove contamination, waste of food, and poisonous substance residual in the Large intestine since it cannot be totally excreted out naturally. Sometime it sticks at Large intestine's wall as excrement, dead cells, parasite and mucus accumulated can cause various symptoms such as

  • Chronic constipation, difficult to excrete
  • Flatulence, with frequent belching, guff
  • Frequent stomachache, diarrhea or excrete in liquid form
  • Headache, nausea, vomiting, low fever
  • Easy to tired, bad breath, mouth ulcer, strong body smell
  • Chronic skin problems, frequent skin rash, ulcer or abscess
  • Asthma, allergy
  • Body pain, joint or bone pain, Rheumatoid
  • Large intestine cancer, liver cancer, lymph gland cancer
  • External or internal hemorrhoid

Therefore, patient with any symptom above can be treated by DETOX to clean and remove toxic waste from body with the following benefits in return;
  1. Help cleaning of Large intestine since it removes excrement or toxic substance from body. In long term it eliminates accumulation of these toxics from Large intestine leading to normal function.
  2. Exercising Large intestine muscle the residual waste will weaken the Large intestine and its functions. It helps to improve the function. Large intestine normally removes waste from body but sometime it cannot perform effectively. The strong Large intestine muscle helps to drive out waste or excrement more effectively and body is free from residual toxicity.
  3. Remain normal size of Large intestine When it works abnormally, its structure and size will be changed leading to various symptoms. DETOX allows them to move and it relieve swollen of Large intestine from blocking of waste. Medicine or other treatment can provide only temporary effect.
  4. Stimulate respond of various organs every organs connect with Large intestine through respond points which will give general benefits to body as a whole such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, lymph gland and blood circulation, etc.
  5. Refresh the body Human body composes of 60 - 70% of water. Detox use pure water or glucose and the body can assimilate the water to use feeding various parts and cells for those cells can do their function more effectively. It also dissolves mucus accumulated on Large intestine wall to be driven out easily.

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