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6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go


Great Beaches in Beautiful Scenery

Where is the most beautiful beach and bay in Thailand? The answer may be vary, but definitely Maya Bay in Phi Phi Islands is among them. Here you will find powdery sandy beach, clear emerald sea and stunning location. Though you may have seen numerous photos of Maya bay filled with tourists, if you skip the beat and taken a longtail boat over late in the afternoon after the day trippers have headed home, you will find quieter atmosphere with space to spare.

Great Beaches in Beautiful Scenery - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

Apart from Maya Bay, Krabi has numerous beach you can visit. Koh Hong offer a crescent shaped beach with picturesque view. Poda island (one of Krabi 4 Islands) has nice sandy strip with iconic sail shape krast. Ao Phra Nang is famed for soft sand with sacred cave at one end, also the beaches that around Railay Bay area that are great for quiet relaxing time.


Amazing Resorts and Loads of Reasonable Priced Hotels

As one of the prime destination, Krabi fills with hundreds of resorts and hotels to choose from. Here, you can find some of the most exquisite resorts in Thailand offer supreme hospitality in mesmerizing surrounding. Check Centara Grand Krabi that cling against a vertical rock wall in Ao Nang for its amazing private bay and boat-only access. Rayavadee Resort in Ao Phra Nang offers magical hidden world surrounded by cliffs and jungle. This is yet to include a number of luxurious retreats along the beach of Klong Muang district north of Ao Nang.

Amazing Resorts and Loads of Reasonable Priced Hotels - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

All of this specialness comes with jaw dropping price. Instead, you can opt for the myriads choices of more down to earth resort in Ao Nang or Railay area. These resorts offer more mediocre service, but you can catch the best by going on island hopping tour or dropping by the beach just a couple minutes walk.


Fits all the Mood from Buzzing to Pure Solitary

Fits all the Mood for you from Buzzing to Pure Solitary - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

No matter what type of traveler you are, you will always find the place in Krabi that suit your mood. For leisure holiday seekers you can enjoy with the nature with peaceful surrounding in Rai Lay bay and Lanta Islands. If you love party, downtown Ao Nang area offer flashy vibes where you can find lively place to hang out with nice booze and get to know with new friends -- though you may expect a more toned-down mood comparing to other places in Thailand.


Best Island Hopping in Thailand

This is the all time dream destination when it comes to island hopping in Thailand. With the location on the shore of Phang Nga bay dotted with has small and big islands, you can choose different tours or event craft one that perfectly fits your need.

Best Island Hopping in Thailand - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

Hop on the boat, feel the wind rushing through your hair, and enjoy with emerald clear water and the mesmerizing scenery around you. Visit to some of the most famous maritime pinnacles, like Phi Phi Islands, Hong Island, and the 4 Islands that can be grabbed with great deal from the tourist hub of Ao Nang. Also, you can also choose to rent the slower long tail boat, which is best if you want to skip the peak time and stay at the place for long as you want.

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Hub for Adventure Lovers

Hub for Adventure Lovers - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

If you are adventurous kind of traveller, Krabi never short of thrill or active stuffs for you to enjoy. You can opt for rock climbing on the stunning limestone cliffs of Railay Beach that renowned for amazing panorama overlooking the sea. Kayaking through the mangrove forests at Ao Thalane and enjoy the view lined with natural forests and cliffs all around. Take part in the Kayak Sail that will allow you to discover isolated scenery and will give you access to secret beaches where nobody else can go. Or Trekking on Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail to the best viewpoint of Krabi City.

There are day tour and professional trainer to help you so no worry if you've never do these kind of stuffs before, this is the best place to start.


It's not all about the sea

You will never get fed up with too much "sea-neries" as Krabi has much more to see and do --- inland.

It's not all about the sea - 6 Best Reasons Krabi is the Place to Go

Get off the shore, and you will discover Krabi's lush back bones with interesting places dotting within. Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) is a good place to start. Here is a scenic and popular stop known for emerald color pool you can dip in. Take a visit to Namtok Ron (Hot Spring Waterfall) to enjoy with natural "onsen" in the nature. Walk up the hill at Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sue) to see the amazing view of Krabi unique landscape as well as pay homage to the sacred buddha footprint. If all of these are not enough, Lanta Old Town offer a glimpse back to the old time as well as selections of local delicacies to enjoy.

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