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Samui  Hotels  Reservations Service. Good discounts off the published rates are offered by all participating hotels.Samui  Hotels  Reservations Service. Good discounts off the published rates are offered by all participating hotels.

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Where to stay in Samui

If you are looking for a lively nightlife Chaweng would be your best option. The further south you go to Lamai and Natien the resorts become quieter though they have bars and restaurants open until midnight.

Hotels & Resort on Chaweng Beach

1.Samui Country Resort
2.Chaweng Regent
3.Chaweng Villa
4.Montien House
.Ever Green Resort
7.Chaweng Buri Resort
8.Baan Samui Resort
9.Chaba Samui Resort
10.Beachcomber Hotel
11.Banana Fan Sea
12.Princess Village
13.Central Samui Beach Resort
14.Chaweng Resort
15.Chaweng Cove Resotel
16.Popies Samui
17.Baan Talay Resort
18.Samui Resotel Munchies
19.Sans Souci Samui
20.First Bungalow Beach Resort
21.The Fair House Beach Resort
23.Samui Newstar Resort
24.Impiana Resort

Chaweng Beach
This is the most developed of Samui's beaches. Despite the mass of resort development Chaweng maintains the classic image of tropical beach fringed by coconut palms.

With the new mega-bars and quality restaurants along the back road, Chaweng is the nightlife centre of the island. Right on the beach itself, a selection of quiet bars and restaurants, together with a superb view of the Gulf.

Chaweng has the greatest number of dive shops on Samui. A couple of them organize night dives right off the beach.

Chaweng Beach
The delicately white sandy beach, stretching for about seven kilometers along the eastern coast of the island, has been the most popular of Samui Island so far. It is a paradise for those fascinated both by the beautiful nature and by the merriment of the night. Moreover, it is also a center of a wide range of accommodation and every kind of entertainment.

Twenty years ago, Chaweng was merely a small fishing village. On the contrary, nowadays it becomes a favorite for both Thai and foreign tourists, without and traces of being once a fishing village. The hotels, restaurants, and beach bars, scattering along the beach can be a clear evidence of the great changes.

The middle of Chaweng beach is most vivacious, with many interesting aspects. Apart from the uncontaminated beach of white soft sand, also situated there are various kinds of accommodation, of which prices ranging from a few hundred Baht to around ten thousand Baht per night. The Thai, Chinese and European restaurants, clothes and shoes shopping centers, souvenirs shops, pubs, bars and various kinds of entertainment fill the most popular beach with colorful liveliness.

However, even though Chaweng is the center of varieties, crowded by tourists, it is not difficult to find a solitary place in order to rest blissfully in the embrace of the beautiful nature. The southern Chaweng Beach never disappoints those who want to get away from the tiresome confusion, not only for its tranquility but also for the not very deep yet purely clear seawater, very delightful for swimming.

Location and Access
It is located 22 kilometers from Nathon, on the eastern coast of the island. To get there, leaving from Lam Din Seafood Market, go along the road until Chaweng Beach Crossroad and go straight on

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