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Since 1994 when Thai Hotels Association (THA) has appointed the Environmental Committee led by Khun Chatchawal Supachayanont, the General Manager of Dusit Resort Pattaya to be responsible for a development of the Association. The Committee at that time consisted of a few hotels which were the members who felt that we needed to find alliances who Specialzed in certain fields such as electricity, water, waste management and an expertise in environment. A working group of those specialists was formed as a working committee. The simple reason why those organizations collaborate with the Environmental Committee of THA is because they have the same goal to improve the quality of the environment and preserve our natural resources. One of our objectives is to improve the efficiency of the hotels operations in order for them to save energy, water and other resources.

June 21st, 1995 the collaborative working committee was named Board of Environmental Promotion Of Tourism Activities (BEPTA) which consists of

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
  • Thai Hotels Association (THA)
  • United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
  • Demand Side Management Office Of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (DSM of EGAT)
  • Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)
  • Association for the Development of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

and Other supporting organizations are :

  • National Energy Policy Office (NEPO)
  • British Embassy
  • Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
  • United States - Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) through Asia Foundation
  • Faculty of Environment and Resources Studies
  • Mahidol University
  • Thai Airways International Company Limited
  • Tridhos There-Generation
  • School Village
  • May Fair Inn Company Limited
  • And other leading hotels.,

This group has established a promotion of environmental awareness and an education program to educate all hotels to be able to identify problems, solutions, and protection concerning with the environment in hotels. The program, called "Green Hotels Fair & Seminar" was organized in 5 regions and has been widely accepted and adopted by more than 1,000 hotels.

It is apparent that hotels in Thailand are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of the environment on their business. Many are already undertaking initiatives to operate more environmentally friendly operations. From instigating waste recycling systems, to conducting energy and water saving campaigns and beach cleanups,. these activities help raise awareness while at the same time saving the hotels valuable natural and financial resources.

Increasingly, hotels have sought to collaborate with each other towards a common environmental goal. To recognize and support the ongoing efforts and contributions to the environment and to sustain our tourism, BEPTA has therefore established a Certification Program to help implement environmental practices and set guidelines to all hotels, as well as to promote the effort of those who alredady seriously contribute to protection of the environment. The Green Leaf Program is virtually created to certify those hotels according to the level of their effciency in managing energy, environment and other natural resources.

The manual of the Green Leaf Certification Program is a simple yet comprehensive document featuring 3 types of questionnaires, which are 1) a screening questionnaire, 2) a qualifying questionnaire, and 3) a grading questionnaire. The questions will cover all areas of a hotels operation from guest rooms and restaurants, to back-of-house activities in the kitchen and laundry, landscape and the activities which include the various training activities of staff and community relations.

Each Hotel will receive the set of question naires to conduct their Environmental Audit. This audit is then verified by a team of independent personnel, international organizations and invited guests who will report back to the BEPTA with their findings.

According to the audit results, a number of Green Leaves (from 1-5) as shown on the certificates will be awarded to each hotel, reflecting the hotel's environmental achievements in management and resources efficiency. The Green Leaf Audit is conducted and reassessed every 2 years.

The comparative, and therefore competitive nature of the Green Leaf Program is designed to encourage greater environmental activities among hotels throughout Thailand. Under the program, hotels will receive widespread widespread national and international recognition The Green Leaf Certification may be an influential factor among consumers and travel agents in their choices of hotel. It will also serve as a convenient, quick reference for hotel selection as the certified hotels will be recorded in a Green Hotels Directory which will be distributed to all travel agencies world wide.

Objectives of the Green Leaf Progran :

1. To encourage and improve the effciency of hotels and related businesses in the tourism industry to respond to environmental development and protection.

2. To establish a nationwide classification of environmantal standards in Thai hotels in accordance with the needs of coustomers and the development of technological efficiency.

3. To raise awareness of Thailand's travel and tourism industry in promoting environmental quality and preservation.

4. To create a positive image and competitive advantage for Thailand on the world market.


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